What We Do

We challenge imaginations, and we like to involve our clients in the early stages of the Design process in order to produce great results. We like our projects to evoke an atmosphere, an emotion and passion. We like to incorporate graphic design, as this plays an important role in Interior Design process. We like to create our own graphics for wallpapers, artwork and carpeting.

No part of the design process is more important than any other, however how you feel when you touch a chair, sit in a sofa; sleep in a bed directly impacts the experience. This is our motto when selecting fixtures, fittings and equipment. We give a great consideration to each selection and its long term suitability.

Where We Are

MMID Corp is a small boutique firm made up of a small team of design professionals located in
Miami - Florida
Modena - Italy
Doha - Qatar

What Have We Done

For the last 20 years in business, we have completed on different projects globally. We find inspiration in the geography and in the cultures. And the location influences in providing a sophisticated design response. We have completed projects in the North America, and Europe and very proud of our work to date, by drawing inspiration and ambition from these past successes when looking ahead into the future.

Why We Do It

Simple because we are passionate about design. Passion is at the center of what we do. And that passion manifests into beautiful, timeless and functional spaces. Where we dwell has a profound impact on who we are and how we think. Everywhere place we go shapes how we see the world. Our spaces are created for people to spend time whether in a hotel, restaurant or home, and to accomplish this, we keep an open mind at all times. We like to expand all possibilities and making each project as its best yet.